Human Rights Policy Statement

At Travel + Leisure Co., we acknowledge, respect, and through our Code of Conduct, commit to operating business in a manner consistent with the principles contained in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. We are committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity, and in full compliance with all applicable laws. We have established clear ethical standards and guidelines for how we do business and established accountability. We expect all associates and those acting on Travel + Leisure Co. behalf and its value chain to operate in a manner compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations. We are committed that those acting on Travel + Leisure Co. behalf do so by complying with specific standards relating to legal obligations, ethics and business conduct.

Protection of the Rights of Associates

We acknowledge the human rights of our associates and are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment at all of our locations, globally. We are committed to complying with applicable labor and employment laws and compensate associates competitively relative to the industry and comply with regulations relating to hours of work, overtime and benefits. We prohibit conduct under this Policy that include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Using forms of forced labor, including prison labor, bonded, military or compulsory labor; and any form of modern slavery or human trafficking
  • Employing associates who are under 18 years of age or the lawful age of employment
  • Failure to respect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, including their right not to be compelled to belong to an association and their right to choose whether or not to be represented for collective bargaining purposes 

We further support and uphold the elimination of discriminatory practices with respect to employment and occupation, and promote and embrace diversity in all aspects of our business. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate either directly or indirectly against associates or prospective associates on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference/orientation, citizenship, marital status, veteran status, national origin, age or disability or against any other protection established by applicable law or regulation.

Protection of the Rights of Children

We condemn all forms of exploitation of children. We do not recruit child labor and support the elimination of exploitive child labor. We are supportive of laws duly enacted to prevent and punish the crime of sexual exploitation of children. We will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to address any such instances of exploitation of which we become aware.

Associate Guidance and Support

We strive to create open channels of communication throughout the organization to ensure all associates feel valued and respected. We ensure all associates are aware of the Human Rights Policy through training and communication throughout the year. 

Any associate who feels that the Policy has been violated or that a conflict arises where the associate works, is encouraged to report the violation in a confidential manner to their local/regional manager, Human Resources Representative, the Ethics and Compliance department or the Legal department. Associates can also report a violation through the Wyntegrity Hotline. We will investigate and address the situation accordingly and in a corrective manner.