Enterprise Supplier Management

Our Mission

We thank you for your interest in becoming one of our suppliers. At Travel + Leisure Co., we believe in enhancing our supply chain by building partnerships with suppliers who meet our standards of excellence and uphold similar values as outlined in our supplier code of conduct. Our minimum qualifications include:

  • Proven financial viability
  • Competitive pricing & cost saving solutions
  • Quality Assurance (Product, On-time Delivery, Contractual Reporting, etc.)
  • A+ Social Responsibility/Sustainability Strategy

Our Commitment

Supplier Diversity

We embrace a culture of inclusion and diversity, where diverse suppliers are not only welcomed, but highly valued as part of our strategic growth.

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Environmental Sustainability

We strive to have minimal negative impact on the environment and encourage interested suppliers to value this initiative.

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Privacy and Compliance

In an effort to grow the vision of Travel + Leisure Co., it is key that all suppliers respect and adhere to the core values of our corporation.

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Register & Login

If you are a supplier that has not yet registered with Travel + Leisure Co. Click Here to begin registration. If you are a diverse-owned supplier, please ensure that you follow the instructions and indicate your diverse ownership status as you complete the registration form. If you are a registered supplier and wish to update your profile, please log in using your username and password. 

Please complete the supplier registration form and then submit it. This information will be entered into our supplier database. Due to the very large number of registrants and inquiries that we receive, we are unable to provide you with a reply, other than an acknowledgement of your registration. However, keep in mind that sourcing managers have access to your information and may contact you for further information, if a sourcing opportunity arises related to your submission.

*Note: *Suppliers hereby acknowledge that Travel + Leisure Co. acceptance of your registration does NOT guarantee that any goods and services will be purchased or contracts offered, but that such acceptance and subsequent listing may only provide your company potential opportunities to be solicited by or to bid on products and services to the Travel + Leisure Co. family of businesses. You may be contacted as these opportunities arise. 

Support Information

General Technical Questions: If you have any technology-related questions or are experiencing technical difficulties with your website registration, please contact support@gep.com.

U.S. Suppliers: If you are a non-diverse, U.S. - based supplier and have a non-technical business question, please contact strategicsourcing@wyn.com.

Diverse Suppliers: If you are a diverse supplier (U.S. and Non-U.S.) and have a non-technical business question, please contact supplier.diversity@wyn.com.

Non-U.S. (International) Suppliers: If you are a supplier headquartered outside of the U.S. and have a non-technical business question, please contact strategicsourcing@wyn.com.