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Sensor Industries Corp. Alliance with Travel + Leisure Co. will Advance Water Conservation using IoT Technology to Find and Mitigate Leaks in Resort Plumbing and Appliances

Advanced sensor technologies can reduce water leak-related disasters in resort assets, potentially saving thousands of dollars each month on utility and repair expenses

VENTURA, Calif. (Jan. 24, 2022)Sensor Industries Corp., the nation's leading enterprise-class Internet of Things (IoT) water and energy conservation-focused company announced that  Travel + Leisure Co. (NYSE:TNL) is promoting sustainable tourism through the implementation of the technology company’s advanced water sensing products and the completion of a strategic investment in the company.

The investment supports the Travel + Leisure Co. plan to promote greater utilization of Sensor Industries’ industry leading IoT technology in order to meaningfully reduce water use at its managed and affiliated resorts. With a network of plumbing and appliance leak sensors and shutoff valves, Sensor Industries could save resort operators millions of dollars each year by avoiding catastrophic damages from indoor floods, and further support ESG strategies by reducing millions of gallons of water use.

Sensor Industries has saved communities thousands of gallons of water daily and even more in utility costs.  “With the investment from Travel + Leisure Co., we are very excited to provide access to Sensor Industries’ leak detection and water loss mitigation solution for the benefit of the Travel + Leisure Co. resorts and RCI affiliated partners." remarked Dave Duckwitz, CEO of Sensor Industries.

Travel + Leisure Co., the world’s leading membership and leisure travel company, operates more than 245 vacation ownership resorts around the world through its Club Wyndham, WorldMark, and Margaritaville Vacation Club brands and has already implemented Sensor Industries technologies at many of its resort properties. The company also operates RCI, the world’s leading vacation exchange business, which has more than 3,200 affiliated resorts from different brands in 110 countries.

"A core pillar of the Travel + Leisure Co. environmental impact plan is to leverage technology solutions to measure and manage our environmental footprint, with a goal of reducing our overall impact. We believe that the Sensor Industries innovative technology will be key to driving cost savings and helping us save water while proactively protecting our resort portfolio," said Michael Brown, president and CEO of Travel + Leisure. “We are excited to be working with Sensor Industries to maximize the benefits to our resorts from the adoption of this technology as well as offer it as a potential benefit to our affiliated resort partners.”

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Sensor Industries is a leading Internet of Things company bringing new operational efficiency, increased Net Operating Income and water and energy conservation to owners and residents of multi-unit commercial properties. Sensor's proprietary SI-Mesh wireless network is specifically designed to power a vast network of sensors that monitor and report on a wide array of environmental conditions and building systems' performance. Access to this vital data lowers costs, reduce risks, and provides new income opportunities to the property owners while simultaneously enhancing the occupancy experience for the tenants.  For more information on Sensor Industries and its solutions, visit

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