Exhibit 107
Calculation of Filing Fee Tables

Form S-3ASR
(Form Type)

(Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in its Charter)

Table 1: Newly Registered Securities and Carry Forward Securities
Security TypeSecurity Class TitleFee Calculation or Carry Forward Rule
Amount Registered (1)
Proposed Maximum Offering Price per Unit
Maximum Aggregate Offering Price
Fee RateAmount of Registration Fee
Carry Forward Form TypeCarry Forward File NumberCarry Forward Initial Effective DateFiling Fee Previously Paid in Connection with Unsold Securities to be Carries Forward
Newly Registered Securities
Fees to be PaidOtherDebt Securities457(o)$—$—
Fees Previously Paid
Carry Forward Securities
Carry Forward Securities
Total Offering Amounts$—
Total Fees Previously Paid$—
Total Fee Offsets$—
Net Fee Due$—
(1)    An indeterminate aggregate offering price and number or amount of debt securities is being registered as may from time to time be offered and sold at indeterminate prices. In accordance with Rules 456(b) and 457(r) under the Securities Act, the registrant is deferring payment of all of the registration fee. Any securities registered hereunder may be sold separately, together or as units with other securities registered hereunder. Separate consideration may or may not be received for securities that are issuable on exercise, conversion or exchange or settlement of other securities.